Trish Hurley Artist

Rhode Island 1961 to present

BFA in Painting
Swain School of Design

MFA in Painting
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Artist Style and Themes
Impressionism, Plein Air, Impasto, Atmospheric, Modern, Contemporary, Abstracted Landscapes,  Palette Knife, Oil Paintings, Oil on Canvas, Oil on Board, Oil on Paper, Oil on Masonite, Duck, Montypes, Monoprints, Nature, Water, Oceans, Waves, Rocks, Shore, Grass, Fields, Farming, Cows, Farm Animals, Clouds, Sunsets, Sunrises, Trees, Forests, Mountains, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, JW. Turner

Original Oils on Paper from Trish Hurley.  April 28, 2015.  

Impressionistic, a little more cubist and geometric with her shaping of nature's structures.  All pulled off quite effectively.  You can see the impact her 2014 series of monotypes, more minimal than usual with her abstracted landscapes and seascapes.  Whereas in the 2014 monotypes, she began with a white background, she appears to be using a black painted background, whose lose rectangular, painterly shaping, floating in the center of the paper, gives an extra painterly effect.