Artist Estate Management

Fine Leaf is uniquely qualified to assist managing an Artist’s estate. Fine Leaf specializes in procuring prolonged exhibition opportunities to living artists, as well as developing posthumous interest in an artist’s work, ensuring a lasting legacy that nurtures with time.

For families of artists, navigating the unknown, exhaustive process of curating exhibition in the art market, safe keeping of the body of work and outreach to museum collections can be daunting. We collaborate with the estate to research each artist’s story, their exhibition history and develop a plan to disseminate and educate the public and art market about often under appreciated artists. As art collectors ourselves, combined with our interest in art history, we believe our passion shows as we represent an artist’s body of work.

Fine Leaf works with art galleries, interior designers, art collectors, auction houses and museums tirelessly exploring opportunities. By working with Fine Leaf, the artist’s body of work will be immediately exposed to a broad range of diversified opportunities within the art market. With decades of experience and connections, Fine Leaf brings a multitude of platforms, both online, but especially through robust traveling exhibition throughout the country. We help develop and extend the online presence of an artist, accelerating the awareness of their work, but we inscribe into our daily work the unending value of seeing artwork in person. We value the process of showcasing the work in person, not just online, so collectors can see the edge of the paper, so they can inspect and appreciate the color and craftsmanship unseen online. Online representation of the artist accentuates, but should never replace the tangible, cultural experience of experiencing art in it’s truest timeless form.

Fine Leaf’s offerings for Artist’s Estates include:

  • Inventory Management and Digitization of Artwork

  • Climate Controlled secure Storage of Artwork

  • Diversified management of the estate, we do not rely on the uncertainty of a single auction, or a single art gallery, instead we develop relationships throughout the country and nurture the body of work, alleviating the risk of poor results at one estate auction or just one art gallery and city to represent the estate

  • Extensive exhibition of artist’s estate throughout the United States

  • Fine Leaf uses custom built, durable art cases to provide exceptional protection to the collection

  • Develop appropriate museum outreach strategy, ranging from gifts or acquisitions, initiating loans and exhibitions and procurement of interest

  • Accompanied with the digitization of inventory, including an artist page on, biographical research and dissemination, social media strategy, artist website, written analysis, artist information, short films and media outreach

  • Research and storytelling, from visiting libraries, acquisition of rare art books, newspaper and media research, conducting audio and video interviews, creation of documentary films

We believe art history is a fluid and active process. Discovering and sharing our love for art is our passion at Fine Leaf. We are excited to examine and introduce untold elements of art history waiting to be told.

Please contact Kasey Child kasey(@) if you are interested in discussing artist estate management with Fine Leaf.